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Beach Scenes On Okinawa Shortly After Invasion, 04/02/1945 - 04/03/1945

Published April 2, 1945

Naval Photographic Center film #15904. National Archives description: "1) MLS LST"s alongside reef at low tide.
2) LS Looking towards beach invasion area; invasion force of AP"s, etc. in distance.
3) HA MS Bulldozers, other equipment on beach.
4) MS Jeeps going ashore across reef (SV).
5) MS DUKW and another vehicle going across reef.
6) MS Vehicle crossing reef.
7) MS Bulldozer pulling trailer out of landing craft (SV).
8) MS Men pulling on line; DUKW track in FG.
9) MS Army personnel rolling barrel across reef.
10) MLS Jeep pulling trailer across reef; LST"s in BG (SV).
11) SV Men unloading gear from landing craft.
12) MS Man working under hood of stalled jeep on reef (SV).
13) MLS Bulldozer going across reef; DUKW"s, jeeps in BG.
14) SV Jeeps pulling trailers across reef.
15) MS Men unloading LCP on reef (SV).
16) MS Men on beach picking out their own duffle bags piled together on beach.
17) MS Army personnel receiving instructions from beachmaster.
18) LA MS Men carrying personal gear on beach.
19) LA MS Army man picking up rifle, helmet, other gear.
20) MLS Soldiers marching down beach under full pack.
21) HA MS Soldiers digging foxholes.
22) MS Two men digging trench. (SV)
23) HA MS Looking down into trench, showing soldier digging. (SV)
24) MCU Soldier assembling pick.
25) MS Two soldiers opening ration cans and putting food on plates.
26) MLS Vehicles on beach; small craft in water; LST"s, ships of Task Force in BG.
27) MS DUKW driving around pile of ammo on beach.
28) MS Wrecked landing craft on beach.
29) MS Jeep pulling trailer up small hill; DUKW in BG.
30) HA MS Reconnaissance vehicle in motion on beach, past ammo pile.
31) MS Bulldozer pulling small trailer on beach; DUKW following.
32) MS DUKW loaded with barrels by crane (SV).
33) MLS Man winding old clock on beach (SV).
34) MS Four men cooking over small fire on beach (SV).
35) MCU Men eating around fire on beach (SV)
36) HA MS Man cleaning rifle; man listening to radio and writing in book.
37) CU Above man talking into microphone.
38) MS Beachmaster directing beach traffic.
39) MS Men rolling coils of wire on beach.QUALITY: GOOD TO FAIR"
National Archives Identifier: 80219
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Run time 11 minutes 52 seconds
Producer United States. Navy
Audio/Visual silent, black & white
Language English


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